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Explore culinary excellence at our exclusive restaurants. With recognition from the highest gastronomic authorities in Spain, Kensei and Char offer an unparalleled experience at Venture Collections. Discover the delicacy of contemporary Japanese cuisine at Kensei, led by acclaimed Chef Víctor Planas, or indulge in the flames and grills at Char, under the guidance of the master of fire, Babacar Fall.

meet our chefs

Victor Planas

Introducing Chef Victor Planas, the culinary genius behind Kensei Contemporary Japanese. With over 23 years of expertise in Japanese cuisine, Victor has honed his craft to perfection, blending his passion with a wealth of knowledge to curate a truly spectacular menu unique to Kensei. His creations celebrate the rich tapestry of flavours, colours, and aromas that define Japanese gastronomy.

From his humble beginnings in Barcelona to his transformative journey through London and Japan, Victor’s culinary odyssey has led him to the shores of Tenerife, where he now calls home. At Kensei, Victor’s cuisine embodies four key principles: a dedication to premium ingredients, boundless creativity, a commitment to contemporary dining experiences, and a privileged location that enhances every moment of indulgence. Welcome to Kensei, where every dish tells a story of authenticity, excellence, and the relentless pursuit of gastronomic perfection.

Babacar Fall

Babacar Fall, born in Dakar, Senegal, on December 30, 1991, began his culinary career at the Candelaria School, under the tutelage of Chef Rogelio Quintero. After honing his skills at restaurants like El Pescador and La Cazuela in Puerto de la Cruz, he continued to expand his expertise at Compostelana in Plaza España, Santa Cruz.

Seeking new challenges, Babacar moved to Casa de Juan in Gran Canaria before joining Char Modern Cocina & Grill, now known as Char Fuego y Brasas, where he refined his culinary techniques. In 2021, he became the first chef from his country to excel in Spanish haute cuisine, earning a coveted Sun from the Repsol Guide. Today, he is celebrated as a master of fire and grilling techniques. Throughout his career, Babacar has participated in various high cuisine courses in Tenerife and on the mainland, even presenting at the II International Tourism Forum in 2021.


Under the guidance of Rodrigo Gonzalez, our sommeliers at Char and Kensei have honed their expertise in the art of finding the perfect pairing to complement your gastronomic experience.



Executive Chef at Michelin-starred UMU restaurant, brings his 21 years of culinary expertise, from working in Michelin Starred restaurants such as Kaiseki Ichimonji in Tokyo, followed by a Head chef position at Gonpachi in Tokyo, Ginza, to our exclusive Kyoto Kaiseki event at Kensei Contemporary Japanese. Born in Argentina to Japanese parents, Ryo uniquely combines traditional Japanese flavours with an international touch, promising a night of exceptional cuisine and cultural fusion.

Kobos Cortés

Two years ago, we had the honour of hosting the prestigious Spanish itamae, Jose Cobos, at Kensei-Contemporary Japanese. Trained directly by Master Norihito Endo, Jose Cobos brought the experience of his exclusive Ebisu by Kobos bar in Madrid to our restaurant for two days. It was a unique opportunity to enjoy one of Spain’s most sought-after Japanese bars.

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