Restaurants in the Top 29 Canarian Restaurant

According to several prominent culinary experts, the Canary Islands are experiencing a “golden age” of gastronomy.  Amongst this group of revered foodies is the great Xavier Agulló, organiser of the Encuentro de los Mares (Encounter of the Seas) events in Tenerife.

Xavier has hand-picked the best 29 restaurants in the Canary Islands and Venture Group Tenerife is proud and excited to have not just one, but two of its venues featured.  

Both Char Fuego y Brasas and Kensei Contemporary Japanese have been chosen as restaurants that represent the very best of the new wave of gastronomic excellence that is highlighting all that is great about the food scene in the islands.

Xavier Agulló’s expertise in gastronomy places him among Spain’s foremost culinary authorities. A resident of the Canaries for many years, his profound understanding of Canarian cuisine is truly remarkable. 

Agulló explains the changes behind the current gastro revolution: “A notable transformation has been catalysed by the new generation of young chefs. These emerging talents, having both cherished their traditional roots and honed their skills in prestigious establishments across Spain and the world, have ushered in a substantial shift. 

“By incorporating cutting-edge techniques, seamlessly melding superior Canarian ingredients with contemporary flavours, and embracing influences from diverse cultures—given the Canary Islands’ unique geographic position spanning Europe, Africa, and America—a fresh paradigm has emerged beyond convention. 

“Today, within the Canary Islands, a reimagined tradition thrives alongside a wave of avant-garde and fusion cuisine, all firmly rooted in locally sourced raw materials. These elements, imbued with distinct attributes like volcanic soils, trade winds, and rapid seafood access, have fostered a remarkable enhancement in quality and a steadfast commitment to the circular economy connecting primary sectors and the restaurant industry”. 

Xavier’s observations perfectly sum up the ethos and energy behind both Char and Kensei with Chef Babacar and Chef Victor Planas utilising expert techniques, far flung influences and the very best ingredients to propel their restaurants to the forefront of Canarian Gastronomy. 

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