The Empire Strikes Back

Lets talk serious cuisine shall we? Then lets talk Empire in the Safari centre!

Well, just as the name suggests this restaurant is a beautiful combination of modern British cooking concepts finely blended with that regal but friendly service made famous by recent Anglo-London dining movements. You´ll be pleasantly surprised to know the menu caters for all kinds of tastes & has become a sovereign name for fine quality beef. With Meat boutique – Venture Restaurants luxury butchers ensuring that only the finest quality cuts are provided we know you wont be disappointed! Empire though famous amongst ex-pats is quickly gathering a substantial amount of Spanish followers amongst its guests as many of the cuts recommended by their specialist waiters come from the historic Peninsular regions rich in quality cattle.
Regarded as one of the best meat suppliers in the world, Luismi Garajar chose Venture Restaurants to be his sole representative within the Canary Islands due to their extensive meat knowledge & expertise. Sit back, relax and let Empire hand trim the best select cuts for you and your company of choice! Guests can choose from the prestigious Luismi range, Valdi top lines or even the more famous international Black Angus flavours. Whether your into special sirloins, the beefier dry-aged rib-eyes or lean fillets the nostalgia of the deco and subtle lighting coupled with the ample wine list makes it the perfect location to celebrate any occasion. We know you wont stop there though, with a generous dessert menu, quality gin tray and top shelf spirits to choose from Venture Restaurants will have you booking Empire time & time again.

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