The Bank’s Opening Party Raises the Culinary Bar

Celebrating The Bank’s Opening Party!

The festivities were in full swing as The Bank Steakhouse, the latest addition to Venture Group Tenerife’s restaurant lineup, warmly welcomed guests to an exceptional culinary experience. Distinguished attendees, including Mayor Fatima Lemes of Arona, added to the celebratory atmosphere of the night, emphasizing the importance of gastronomy, taste, and style.

Chef Luca Esposito, a culinary mastermind, carefully curated an exclusive menu for this special occasion. Guests embarked on a gastronomic journey, savouring The Bank’s signature dishes, each bursting with delightful textures and flavours.

The Epitome Of Perfection

The main courses showcased the epitome of steakhouse perfection, featuring the meticulously prepared Porterhouse cut from the skilled artisans at our very own butchers, Meat Boutique, leaving taste buds in awe and no doubt where to get the best steak around. For those seeking a comforting classic, the macaroni and cheese tantalised with its irresistible combination of pasta, flavour and divine textures.

Complementing these delicious delights, the side dish selection was truly exceptional. Classic fries, accompanied by tangy ketchup, provided a delightful crunch. The spinach au gratin offered a vibrant twist, while the Brussel sprouts with bacon and tomato jam presented a unique and exciting fusion of flavours.

Sophisticated Jazz

The dining was accompanied by the enchanting melodies of the talented jazz singer, Giosy Moltino, creating an ambiance of sophistication that perfectly complemented the celebration of flavours filling the air.

The Bank’s opening party exceeded all expectations, leaving a lasting impression on every fortunate guest in attendance. The impeccable service and first-class cuisine highlighted our unwavering commitment to providing an unforgettable experience that captivates and delights all who visit.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all who joined us for this significant event and for the opportunity to underline our passion for culinary excellence and our dedication to creating one of the island’s most remarkable dining establishments.


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