The Bank Featured On Top TV Show

In a recent episode of the popular show “Una Hora Menos en Canarias,” The Bank made a star appearance, sharing Venture Group’s latest culinary journey and unveiling its newest location in the heart of Playa de las Américas.

Goya Tomahawk

The highlight of the evening? None other than the Goya Tomahawk, a gastro marvel that stole the show. This dish isn’t just a nice steal – it’s a game-changer. With exceptional texture and unbeatable flavour, it has become the standout item on The Bank’s menu.

During the show, The Bank’s chefs demonstrated the art of serving the Goya Tomahawk, with theatre and panache to showcase their high-level cooking skills. Viewers got to see the dish being expertly crafted and beautifully presented, making it impossible not to crave a bite.

Chef Luca

Chef Luca, a vital part of The Bank’s culinary team, shared the story behind the Goya Tomahawk. His love of American cuisine and his passion for food in general shone through as he explained the philosophy driving the culinary creations at The Bank.

This episode was an invitation to join a friendly, flavourful world and to experience the warmth of The Bank’s hospitality and the mouthwatering allure of the Goya Tomahawk.

There’s no doubt that the show left its viewers eager to visit and experience the delicious delights of The Bank in person.

Superb Seafood

The menu’s not just about steak either – diners can enjoy the most magnificent fresh seafood including rock lobster, oysters, king prawns and Alaskan snow crab. 

For those who haven’t yet worked up an appetite, The Bullion bar offers plush leather, gleaming brass and gold, premium cocktails and traditional American east coast hospitality.

Book Early

Remember, that if you’re thinking of treating yourselves to an amazing dining experience, The Bank can get busy so booking is a must to avoid disappointment. 

Reserve your table now and get ready for a meal to remember.


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