Char Fuego y Brasas Featured Among Spain’s Finest Steakhouses

With a sense of pride and satisfaction, we are delighted to
share that Char Fuego y Brasas has earned a noteworthy place among Spain’s finest
steakhouses. The reputable newspaper “Expansión,” in an article by
Kino Verdú, has recognised our culinary expertise, and we are excited to be
mentioned alongside other exceptional establishments from across the nation.

At Char, we are devoted to crafting a dining experience that is
truly unique and unforgettable. The heart of our culinary journey lies in the
artful use of fuego y brasas, where the skillful play of fire and embers
enhances the natural flavours of our premium meats. Each bite at Char is a
delightful exploration of traditional cuisine, carefully curated to create
harmonious and refined tastes that leave a lasting impression.

Our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality is
evident in every aspect of our offerings. We take great care in sourcing only
the finest, premium cuts of meat, and we are proud to exclusively offer some of
the world’s most renowned and award-winning meats, including the revered GOYA
beef from the Basque Country, Luismi from Galicia and Wagyu from Teruel in

Guiding the kitchen is the talented Chef Babacar, a true
enthusiast with a profound love for his craft. His culinary journey under the
mentorship of Chef Samuel Hernandez has honed his artistry, and his masterful
handling of the kitchen’s specialist Josper oven elevates each dish to a realm
of distinct and captivating flavours.

Introducing the Josper oven to our kitchen is a source of
immense pleasure for us. Embraced and endorsed by top kitchens worldwide, this
remarkable oven infuses our dishes with a subtle smokiness, adding depth and
character to our culinary creations.

As we celebrate this moment of recognition, our dedication to
providing an exceptional dining experience remains unwavering. At Char Fuego y
Brasas, we invite you to join us on our gastronomic journey, where every dish
is a symphony of flavours and a testament to our passion for food. 

We welcome you to experience Char, as we continue to set new standards and elevate the essence of culinary excellence.

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