If a deposit of 30€ per seat has not been paid your reservation is not confirmed.

Booking confirmation must be presented on the night.

Any additional diners must be added 48 hours prior to the night, if space available.

1st sitting must arrive and be ready to leave at the times stated on the menu.

2nd sitting may be subject to a 10-minute delay (due to table reset).

Set menus ONLY on this night.

Children’s prices applicable to children under 10 years only.

The restaurant must be notified before the day of any special dietary requirements.

Discount cards, special promotions or the redeeming of APP points will not be accepted on this night, however you can scan your receipt to receive your APP points for this meal. 

The management reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone behaving in an unacceptable manor that could cause distress to other diners.

IGIC is not included in the set menu price.

We reserve the right to slightly alter any ingredients on our set menu on the night.

Specific tables cannot be requested or guaranteed.

If dining on our terrace area we cannot be held responsible for any adverse weather conditions on the night.

There will be a 2.5% stripe commission + 0.25 operation charge for all deposits paid which is non-refundable.

No refund will be given if your reservation is cancelled on, or after, the 26th December

Please be sure to book a taxi well in advance on this date.


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