Introducing Lagarto Chefs

Head Chef Miguel

Let´s start at the beginning, what is your first food memory? Why did you become a chef?

I never actually set out to become a chef, originally I was studying business administration and accidentally discovered my passion for food whilst working on a temporary job in a kitchen, now I can´t imagine ever doing anything else.

What’s your signature dish?

The tataki tuna with strawberry and wasabi mayonnaise that we serve in Lagarto, you just have to try it.

How important is the presentation?

There must be balance between the presentation and the taste of the dish. Both are equally important. I´d rather sacrifice some presentation to improve the taste.

Which is your favorite spice?

Through my work I´m always discovering new spices, I wouldn´t say I had a particular favourite as they all work well with different things, but if I had to choose I´d say cinnamon, It reminds me of my childhood. My mother used to put in on the hot rice pudding on a Sunday and it made the house smell so good…

What is your favorite red & white wine?

I love all the Canarian white wines. For reds any of the Ribera del Duero wines.

How would you describe the food in Lagarto Restaurant?

It´s like going around the world. We have all kinds of dishes, Asian, Middle East, some European and also South American dishes . Is a very interesting menu with traditional dishes with our personal sight and experience.

What is the best selling dish at Lagarto these days?

The tenderloin fillet steak with mixed mushrooms is a favorite with our diners, but our minted lamb adana kofte kebab is also a very popular and tasty choice!

The final one, what do you do when relaxing?

I have a baby girl so when in not in the kitchen I like to spend time with my daughter and wife. I also love surfing to relax.

Chef Alex

Why did you become a chef?

As a child Sunday lunch was served at 2 pm every week without fail. While my mum was hard at work in the kitchen I used to have father and son moments watching french cooking shows with my Dad and getting hungrier by the minute.
When I moved to London to start a career I felt becoming a chef was the perfect choice for me, cooking gave me a feeling of fulfilment that I had not encountered before . I am a curious person by nature so exploring the infinite combination and knowledge of cooking really excited me.

What is your signature dish?

I don’t really have a signature dish, I’m always looking for ways to improve, it´s about evolution . You become a chef by evolving and by being passionate about what you do.

How important is presentation ….

It should be part of your working etiquette, you transmit to the other person on the other side of the plate an emotion and a representation of your efforts, without it the message it is not fully delivered, it is a shame to put in all the work and not do the last 5%.

Favorite spice ….

Every spice serves a purpose, it brings something new to the dish, combining spice has always been trendy, so it changes with the seasons. I don´t really have a favorite.

Favorite Wite/Red wine?

For the white wines I believe Italian & French are a good bet, as well as the nouvele region such as New Zealand, South America and South african I love the crisp and sharp flavours.
Only recently have I had contact with the Spanish culture of red wine, so now I like rioja’s like ramon bilbao, el coto & some south american reds too , I’m still learning at this chapter :))

How would you describe the food in Lagarto?

We have an international menu that offers different tastes and flavours from all around the world, I love how you can go to the same restaurant and eat something completely different every time you go.

Most selling dish?

The rib-eye with chimichurri sauce, the tuna tataki and the tartare’s , we have there great quality products transformed by good people into great dishes.

What to do when relaxing ….

I like to chill out and respect my personal time. However, I do try as well to allways keep working by experiencing new flavours & thinking of ways I can incorporate them into my dishes, I find this relaxing to me!

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