Dedos Takes the Oklahoma to Burgerfest

In a culinary spectacular that took El Médano by storm on October 6th and 7th, burger aficionados from near and far gathered for the much-anticipated “Burger Fest”. The air was buzzing with excitement as attendees embarked on a delectable journey into the heart of comfort food.

A Celebration of All Things Burger

A highlight of this gastronomic fiesta was the star-studded appearance of Venture Group’s Dedos, adding a layer of top-class hospitality to the celebration of all things burger.

The Oklahoma

Amidst the multitude of appealing patties, it was Dedos, home to the exquisite Oklahoma burger, that truly stole the show. An award winner as the finest burger in Tenerife and ranking third in the Canary Islands, the Oklahoma was born in the magic of the Dedos’ kitchen, setting taste buds ablaze with its magical fusion of flavours.

The Oklahoma is celebrated for its unparalleled taste and innovative ingredients. As the festival unfolded, revellers eagerly indulged in this award-winning masterpiece, marvelling at the freshness of the ingredients and the culinary ingenuity of the burger. Central to its perfection is the top-quality meat, sourced from Venture Group’s very own Meat Boutique, ensuring every bite is a testament to freshness and excellence.

A Showcase of Burger Making 

Beyond the allure of the Oklahoma, the Burger Fest emerged as a Mecca for burger enthusiasts with each creation telling its own culinary story. From timeless classics to avant-garde innovations, the festival showcased the diverse artistry of burger making in 2023.

In short, the Burger Fest in El Médano was not merely a culinary event but a celebration of creativity and talent. The collaboration with Dedos added a touch of glamour, elevating the event into a memorable extravaganza. 

Looking To The Future

Although Burger fest 2023 is over, our taste buds eagerly anticipate the promise of future events, each one a chance for us to showcase our commitment to delivering gastronomic excellence. 

Here’s to the joy of burgers and the pursuit of culinary diversity, an adventure we eagerly anticipate continuing with you, our cherished customers.


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