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Below you will find a list of our locations, capacities and menus. We also offer company menus for more than 8 persons. Please contact us for more information.

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Venture Venues

Venture Trend
Lagarto atmosphere

Relaxed, casual dining offering gourmet street food from around the globe with inside and outside seating.

Venue Capacity
  • Inside: 50
  • Outside: 25

Located in the bustling X-Sur shopping centre and cinema complex serving a popular menu of customer favourites.

Venue Capacity
  • Inside: 10
  • Outside: 28
  • X-Sur Corridor:8
BLOOM outside view

A trendy brunch venue and evening cocktail bar located in the bustling district of La Caleta.

Venue Capacity
  • Inside: 8
  • Outside: 24
Mrs.Miyagi's interior

Urban Asian casual dining serving much-loved favourite street food in a cool contemporary environment.

Venue Capacity
  • Inside: 10
  • Outside: 28
  • X-Sur Corridor: 8
Meat Boutique outside view

Restaurant and butchers shop serving a wide range of premium, award-winning cuts  from our in-house butcher team which also commercially supplies the south of the island.

Venue Capacity
  • Inside: 10
  • Outside: 28
  • X-Sur Corridor:8

We are OPA!, the island’s authentic Greek restaurant. Enjoy fresh and delicious flavours, perfect for our privileged 22°C, that have delighted generations and been perfected since 2000 B.C.

Venue Capacity
  • Inside: 18
  • Outside: 28
  • X-Sur Corridor: 15
Venture restaurants logo

Italian restaurant and cocktail bar with a high energy vibe, bright modern dining room and spacious terrace.

Venue Capacity
  • Inside: 140
  • Outside: 50

Gourmet Chinese, sushi and Japanese Teppanyaki with inside and outside dining and a lively atmosphere.

Venue Capacity
  • Inside: 60
  • Outside: 30
  • Teppanyaki: 22
Empire terrace view

Traditional British restaurant and steak house with spacious interior dining space and attractive outdoor terrace.

Venue Capacity
  • Inside: 50
  • Outside: 80

Luxury, boutique restaurant serving sush and gourmet Oriental dishes in an intimate and scenic location.

Venue Capacity
  • Inside: 17
  • Outside: 26
  • Walkway: 7

Gourmet Thai restaurant offering indoor and outdoor dining spaces in the heart of Playa de las Americas.

Venue Capacity
  • Inside: 45
  • Outside: 70

Where East Coast American luxury meets culinary excellence.

Venue Capacity


  • Vault 26
  • Inside 30
  • Terrace 62

Bullion bar

  • Outside 20
  • Inside 7
Venture collections logo
Lagarto terrace

High-end, brasserie restaurant serving French and Belgium cuisine in a stylishly decorated interior and outside terrace.   

Venue Capacity
  • Inside: 70
  • Outside: 20
  • Bar: 12
Restaurant interior

An exclusive steak restaurant selling award winning cuts of meat in a chic, minimalistic, interior dining space.

Venue Capacity
  • Inside: 40
  • Outside: 0
  • Bar: 6

A very high-end restaurant serving sushi and creative Japanese cuisine in a choice of five enchanting dining spaces. 

Venue Capacity
  • Inside: 36
  • Outside: 28
  • Sushi Bar: 12
Venture Experience logo
Magic night club outside view

Elegant and sophisticated live music venue with vivid baroque interior and comfortable outside terrace.

Venue Capacity
  • Inside: 111
  • Outside: 85
  • Standing: 300
Meat Boutique Butchers

Owned by Venture Group Tenerife, Meat Boutique Butchers not only supplies its X-Sur shopping centre butcher shop and a variety of local businesses but also provides the meat for all restaurants in the Venture Group chain. This allows for a substantial daily stock turnover, ensuring unbeatable prices without compromising on quality and freshness.

The butchers at Meat Boutique take pride in dry-aging their stock in-house on the bone and only stock the finest, naturally reared, grass-fed beef. In addition to their premium meat offerings, the shop also produces its own range of delectable sausages, burgers, and pre-marinated meats.

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