Cocktail of the month

This month’s special request cocktail is a BLUEBERRY SOUR.
This cocktail is not on our Bianco menu but has been especially requested by a frequent guest and good friend of Bianco, Rachel.
One of our floor Manager Ian´s favorite creations here´s how you can
make your own version of this tasty cocktail at home:

4 x fresh blueberries
40-ml vodka
25-ml blueberry liqueur (or blackberry if not available)
25-ml fresh lemon juice
12.5 ml white sugar syrup (2 parts sugar and 1 part water)
1 x whole egg

First you need to dry shake your egg, so crack your egg and pour only the white into a mixing tin. Shake the egg white in the mixing tin as hard as you can to create an added texture. Muddle your blueberries into a Collins glass, & add all off the other ingredients into the glass alongside the egg white, now shake hard with cubes of ice. Once the contents are chilled double strain into a whiskey glass filled with crushed ice & garnish with fresh blueberries and a peel of lemon skin.

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